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STAMX.NET was born in 2009. Two ex school friends, always been passionate about computer science, after many years of indipendent jobs, decided to join their forces.

Stefano Gallas

Works in the networking field since the beginning, skilled on Windows server systems.

Massimiliano Marchi

Always worked with web and open source technologies, he is the SEO and SEM go-to guy.

What we do

Our purpose is to support our customers in the management of their IT structure providing efficient IT solutions.


Consulting is our core-business, the experience and the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) certifications make us the ideal partner to research innovative solutions.


We always pay attention to new technologies, this is why responsive websites and SEO are the foundations of all our web projects.


Specialized IT training and adaptation to standards required by Italian privacy law, for public authorities and private companies.


Design and implementation of certified network structures, copper, fiber or wireless, turnkey in cooperation with MET-NETWORK.


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How we work

Our working method is thoroughly studied to be sure to accomplish requested results with lesser effort.

Phase 1: Interview the customer

Only you can explain us the real needs of your business, so the starting point of each project is a meeting with the management in which we define the key points, the directions and the people to involve in the project.

Phase 2: Get the starting point

With a visit inside the company we start to acquire the data about services and working methods, in this phase we collect all the necessary data to develop the project.

Phase 3: Analysis

Now we can start to analyze the information gathered comparing them with the competition, to discover where and how to perform adjustments.
With some proposals we evaluate which ones are the most efficient for your business.

Phase 4: Report

The data collected in phase 2 and the analysis made in phase 3 come toghether in a report in which we detail all the suggested operations to achieve the best results.

Phase 5: Actualization

With your help we decide a working plan and start to realize all the necessary changes.

Phase 6: Check-Up

When the job is done we schedule some recurring check-ups to monitor and improve the processes.

Our Customers

During the years have relied on our services some of the best italian and international companies.


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